As a Dedication To and a Remembrance of
Our Fallen Brothers & Their Families

42nd Officer Candidates School Class

The Basic School Class 4-67

United States Marine Corps


Semper Fidelis


The Family of Marine Corps 2nd Lt. John R. Dawson
Hoa Khanh Children’s Hospital at FLC, Red Beach, Danang, RVN
An Anonymous, but For-Real Marine, Circa 2012, Afghanistan
M48 Tank…….Bravo Company, 1st Tank Battalion, 1st MarDiv
Hawk………….AFU Echo, 1st LAAM Battalion, 1st MAW
CH46………….HMM-262 (Marine Medium Helicopter Squadron 262), 1st MAW
Huey…………..VMO-6 (Marine Observation Squadron 6), 1st MAW
F4 Phantom….VMFA 115 (Marine Fighter/Attack Squadron 115), 1st MAW
Corpsman’s Shield….Courtesy of HMC (SW/AW/FMF) Steven E. Simpson, USN, Ret.
TIME, Inc.


Although perhaps not visually represented on the canvas or verbally acknowledged in the video segments that document the creation of “Vietnam Elegy”, deep honor is given and profound respect is felt for the officers and men of:

The First Marine Division
The Third Marine Division
The First Marine Air Wing
The United States Navy
The United States Army
The United States Air Force
The United States Coast Guard

and all of our Allies

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